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The Angelus 60L can be offered in  a straight-line (MSLF) cannery model for  closing round cans containing  liquid or semi-liquid products or with disc feed (DF) for can manufacturing or packing solid products at speeds up to 500 cans  per minute.

Smooth, accurate operation: The Angelus 60L  provides a constant speed through the transfer and seaming turret with positive assembly of the can and cover to minimize spillage even  when closing at high speeds.

Simple, precise seaming method: The seaming rolls in the six-station turret are assembled using  tapered roller  bearings and are actuated separately by a single fixed cam.  All second operation rolls may be disengaged by a single adjustment  for checking first operation seams.

Extremely efficient: The  Angelus 60L handles cans from No.200 to No.404 and from 1-1/2" to 7-3/4" in  height with great efficiency and minimal spillage. Positive assembly of  the cover and can with a No Can/No Cover safety feature assures smooth  operation with minimum attention.

Low operating and maintenance costs :  All the parts are easily accessible for cleaning, lubrication  and maintenance.

Accessories: The Angelus 60L is  very  versatile with accessories available for can making or steam vacuum  operation. Change parts are available for any can diameter within the  range of the machine.

Height changes: Can height changes within  the range of the machine are made using a convenient hand crank with  a height range variation of about 1-1/8" (29mm). Substitute height change  parts are available when larger adjustments  are necessary.


* Steam Vacuum  Accessories
* Can Shop Accessories
* Inverter for Variable Speed
* Filler /Seamer Hook-up
* Straight-Line or Disc In-Feed
* Digital Can  Counter
* Driven Lower Lifters